The benefits of owning and using a Tablet….


By A1 Computers And Service

The Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, and Asus Transformer, these are some of the more popular tablet PCs flooding the market. But do you really need one? You may be asking yourself, “What does a tablet give me that I don’t already get out of my computer, laptop or smartphone?”

In the beginning I didn’t think I would need a tablet. But after observing quite a few other people using them I decided to look into the benefits of owning and using a tablet. At first I used my tablet to play games and just browse the internet, but soon I found myself using it for reading too. It is a great note taker. I use mine in the field to carry all my work and field notes instead of my old binder method of printed paper which was heavy and cumbersome. All my notes are now in one place and in a digital searchable format, which saves me time in the field. Using an application called Evernote my notes are synced across my Computer, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone.

A tablet may not replace your PC or Laptop completely but using one has benefits. Here is a list of the benefits and uses I found myself using a tablet for.


Next to ordinary computers, or laptops a tablet is lightweight and easy to carry around. Although many of them are still too heavy to hold in one hand, they’re great in your lap or on a surface. Reaching for your tablet while watching TV is much easier than getting up, going to your desk, and booting up your computer to look something up. I find myself using the tablet while watching TV to keep up with sports scores, weather, E-mails. Even a laptop, which is supposed to be a mobile device, takes a while to start, and they often get uncomfortably hot after a short period of use.

As for using your smartphone, while you do have easy access and instant-on, but it is nice to be able to view a Web page in its entirety as opposed to the mobile site version or an oddly rendered version on the smartphone’s much smaller screen.


While I don’t expect someone to write a novel using the tablet’s virtual keyboard, a tablet in the work environment can be a great tool for handling basic tasks, like checking e-mail or managing schedules. In a meeting you can jot down notes, record audio. For a presentation you can download any relevant documents or information you may need to reference into the tablet, then you won’t have to shuffle through a pile of papers searching for a specific chart or diagram.


Tablets make great e-readers. I’ve heard many people complain that the reading experience isn’t as good as on a tablet as using a dedicated reader like the Kindle or Nook. While that may be true for some people I find the reading experience to be very good on a tablet. With a tablet you can also get a much bigger screen than what is currently available on the dedicated e-readers currently on the market. A tablet as your e-reader offers you access to any and all digital book formats and choices instead of locking you into a limited environment such as Amazon or Barns & Nobles. Students may also find a tablet useful. It can replace your text books. If the books are offered digitally, you might be able to save money (and possibly your back) just by loading them onto your tablet to read them. With the right reader app you can highlight text and add notes as well.


A tablet is great for sharing photos and 1-on-1 presentations. Tablets offer an excellent photo sharing experience. A tablet can be a great tool for an insurance adjuster, real estate agent, or salespeople. Having your information available to you instantly on a portable form factor makes it easy to share with the client.


A tablet is great for games, movies and music. It is great in the car for kids; they can keep entertained for a long trip. A tablet is also great on a plane. There are a lot of great games available for a tablet and most of them are free or very low cost.

While tablets are still in their infancy, this is a category that is going to continue to grow and mature. The devices will only get better. We will find more and more uses for them in our daily lives. I find that I use my tablet on a daily basis. Now may not be the time for everyone to have or need a tablet but I believe that in the future most people will have some type of tablet device.


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