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I’ve been trying to go paperless in my office and in my life in general for awhile now. I’ve been having pretty good success at it, but I still find times where I thought I needed to print something or that I have printed something unnecessarily. Well I think I can start to do better. I just got done reading an excellent article and learned some really good ideas and tips.

I had all ready been using Evernote as my main information filing system. I currently use it to store everything I can. I print most of my online receipts to a PDF and then store them in a notebook in Evernote so they can be recalled later if I need to. Evernote supports the scanning of documents and performing OCR (optical character recognition) on them so it recognizes the text and turns the text into a searchable document. Whenever I get a document in the mail that I have to save it gets scanned into Evernote and I can then put the paper into recycling instead of having to store it around the office.

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While browsing the web I use to print off the webpages that had great tips, pointers, or answers to really hard tech questions that I didn’t want to lose. Now I print them to a PDF and send them to Evernote. You’ll find you can pretty much print most things to a PDF file and that you really don’t need a paper hard copy. Another thing you can to with Evernote is to clip the whole webpage into Evernote. It stores a copy of the site complete with all links.

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I have been E-Mailing receipts or invoices to my customer for awhile now. Most don’t seem to mind not having the paper copy. By E-Mailing the receipt or invoice I am saving more paper by not using an envelope. As an added bonus I get the savings of the postage as well.

By going paperless you’ll find a huge savings around the office or household by not having to buy as much printer ink or toner. Depending on how much printing you do that can add up to a considerable savings. I cut out about $100.00 a year in ink that I can now use towards other expenses.

The article I just got done reading goes way beyond my current use of EvernoteI am going to be following the tips and advice in the article to further my efforts into going paperless and digital. I find my information is better organized and easier to recall now more than it ever was. So take a look at all the great ideas and see what you can do to go paperless. I can guarantee that you won’t look back and be glad you did.


Here’s the article. Give it a look and you’ll find it full of great information to help you have a paperless life.

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