By David Goward / A1 Computers And Service

Just the other day I setup Norton Online Family for a family member to help monitor and control the internet access on the computers in their household. Before this I had originally set them up with OpenDNS which was working fine but lacked some of the features of Norton Family Safe. After reading a few reviews by others on Norton Family Safe I decided to set it up and give it a try.

Setup was very easy. The first thing you do is go to Norton Family Safe and setup an account. You add each member of your household to the Norton account and you set the rules and limits for each one separately. Then you download a small client software utility that you install onto every computer that you want to monitor and control.

You can set limits on your kids’ computer time to help ensure they aren’t spending too much time online and to teach them good computer time management habits. You can even limit computer use to the specific hours or days of the week.


Norton Time Settings








By using Norton Family Safe you can easily block the types of websites you don’t want your children going to by blocking whole categories. If a site is able to slip past your category settings there is a spot where you can add individual sites to the block list. There is also a spot that you can allow individual sites that may be blocked by your settings in general but you still want your child to have access to.


Norton Online Family Blocking Options









Some of the features I really like about this product is the reporting and the screen that pops up when someone tries to go to a blocked site. For the reporting as a parent you can log into your Norton account and see each and every site your child has visited or tried to go to but was blocked. As the child when you try to go to a blocked site a screen comes up saying the site was blocked. The best feature of this screen is there is a section where you can explain why you tried going to that site. It gives you a chance to explain to your parents why you went there and if the site was wrongfully blocked.


Norton Family Online - Blocked Message









The whole product is very easy to use and understand. It is very easy to configure and offers good options to help control your child’s computer use and internet browsing.


Norton Family Safe










I highly recommend this as an option and the best thing is it’s free in its basic form. There is a premier option that adds a few more features. The paid option is very reasonably priced at only $29.99 per year right now. I would suggest looking at the chart that explains the difference between the two choices.