David Goward / A1 Computers And Services – Sept, 2012

I stumbled upon some pretty good resources while trying to find some good learning material to help out a client who was introducing their grandparents to computers for their first time.

The resources needed to be easy to follow and understand. They also needed to cover the wide variety of computer subjects from simply learning the keyboard on up to more advanced subjects such as viruses and security for your computer.

Let’s take a look at the resources I found.


I came upon a company called Grass Roots Design. They offer a complete write up on learning the basics of computers that is pretty easy to follow. It covers everything from the very basics all the way up to more advanced subjects like networking. Here is a link to their learning material. Grass Roots Design Intro To Computers.


Computer Learning









I found some good resources at About.com. This handbook is ideal for PC computer beginners! From hardware and Windows basics, to dialog boxes, file management, and Internet browsing… a fun and free way to improve your computer skills!


This site has a pretty good selection of subjects and was pretty easy to follow and understand. Free Computer Tutorials for Beginner and Senior Users.


Computer Lessons