By David Goward / A1 Computers And Service / Sept, 31st 2012


The current state of Google’s search results:

When you currently search for something on Google you are presented with results that are links to the most popular website on the subject you searched for and not a direct answer to your question. These results are based on keyword searches. Google’s results are based on how many of the keywords you typed the site contains, how many websites link back to it, etc. When you perform a search on Google today the results are more like “cross your fingers and hope that a Web page comes up in the results with the answer you are looking for.” Well those results are about to get better. I’ll explain below.


Google Search Engine






Change is coming:

There is a rumor milling around that Google is going to make changes to its search algorithms to become more like Wolfram Alpha. Google will start to present a more direct answer to your questions instead of just spitting out links. Google will not be replacing the current keyword search system that is in place but instead be supplementing it. Currently when you perform a search for “Lake Mead” on Google you get results with links to the visitor bureau website for the lake, its page on Wikipedia, some images for the lake, hotels in the area, etc… In the future when you search for the term “Lake Mead” the top of the search engine will display attributes related to the body of water like the location, altitude, average temperature, etc…  It would also have a link to a map of the lake. As questions become more complex like “What are the 10 largest lakes in America?” Google will answer the question by listing the 10 largest lakes and all of the relative information about them at the top of page. The bottom of the page will still present the keyword search results.


Wolfram Alpha - Computational Knowledge Engine











Will it be better?

We will have to wait and see if the new system will indeed be better. I think that the new mix of information will give most users more accurate results along with added information about the area through the keyword search results. So in the case of our “Lake Mead” search you end up with factual data and information of the hotels, restaurants, and other things to do in the area. I’m not sure when or if this new search system is going to be launched as this is just a current rumor circulating around. But I think this is the next logical step for Google to take with its search results and I can’t wait to see it.