By A1 Computers And Service – 2012


When your PC starts to act strange? When you get a virus? Once every year? What are the symptoms of needing a total system reload?


For me it’s any of the above. I know that’s not a clear cut answer but let me explain each and it’ll make more sense.


When the PC is acting strange:

This one seems to happen over time. You get your new PC and everything is working great. The system is fast and responsive and life is good. Then after 6 – 8 months you start to notice little quirks or oddities. Windows takes longer to boot, Office takes longer to open, and Internet Explorer no longer plays video files. The whole system seems to be slower. It could be any number of things but Windows just seems to be broken. You’ve tried all the fixes you’ve read on the internet. You’ve uninstalled and re-installed any offending applications. There is no explanation for the phenomena. I call this ”Windows rot “. It seems like Windows can’t handle the installing and uninstalling of applications over time. Windows seems like an engine in a car that loses power and efficiency over time and needs to be rebuilt. It’s at this time that I do a total fresh and clean install of Windows. Then my system is fresh, clean, and fast again. Everything works great, until the next time.


A system virus:

This is one where I really don’t have to think is it time to reload. I know a lot of people say you can remove a virus or clean the system. For me I just don’t take the chance. A virus can get its hooks into a system pretty deep so even if you do manage to clean most of it there can still be remnants left behind and while those remnants might be harmless they also could add up to and cause the systems in the scenario above.


Once per year:

If my system makes it through the year without a reload due to any of the above scenarios then I do it around the year mark anyway. I look at this as changing the brakes or oil on your car. It is maintenance that needs to be done anyways. Doing this will prevent scenario 1 and if I have an unknown virus that is lying in wait or hasn’t been detected this also takes care of that. Doing this once a year assures my system is running at its best and helps me to be more productive.


Reloading Windows can be a lot of work. For me it’s pretty easy. I loaded the OS then I loaded every application I want and set up Windows to my liking. Then I made an image of the OS so when it comes time to reload I use that image and then I only have the latest Windows updates, Drivers, Adobe, and Java to load. The whole process takes me about 1 hour to do. If you’d like us to help you setup your own OS image to use to reload your OS give us a call.